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Our Services

We can provide a comprehensive service, from assisting with conceptual schemes, assisting with material selection, through to inspections & drafting a schedule of repairs, and taking the project from design through to practical completion of the works and any future maintenance.

Although we use all the modern technology available out there, we still believe in humans as masters of the process and invest heavily in making sure we have the best craftsmen and Project managers available to our clients.

Restoration & Cleaning

NJJ have carried out numerous Cleaning & Restoration projects and are skilled in the use of traditional materials such as natural stone, brick, terracotta and stucco. Whether a minor repair or an entire restoration project, our craftsmen are capable of the finest quality of finish.

Where required NJJ are able to provide detailed analysis of existing building materials and utilitise our international network of suppliers to source new material to match existing.

NJJ offer a full range of Restoration, Repair, cleaning and refurbishment services which include:


  • Replacement and refurbishment works for natural stone, terracotta, stucco render, faience, brickwork, external paving and hard landscaping
  • Leadwork, roofing, access, windows and decorations
  • Structural repairs, modifications, and remodelling of facades, i.e., to make new entrances and retain frontage
  • Façade dismantling and storage capabilities including the catalogue, crate service and stone salvage elements to ensure careful attention when reinstating

Here are some of the Cleaning methods NJJ Fully trained and fully qualified staff use to create amazing results...

Poultice cleaning

Can be deployed on very detailed masonry or where more control and care is required in the cleaning method. ‘Active’ or ‘chemical’ poultices are designed for the removal of the various types of soiling and contaminants that are insoluble in water and for those which have penetrated deep into the surface. Alkaline poultices are generally used for cleaning or degreasing masonry surfaces and for paint removal.

Water cleaning

Nebulous spray is a generic term for fine mists of clean water directed at the masonry from an optimum distance. The sprays can be used intermittently with the “dwell time” varying depending on site specifics. One of the advantages of nebulous water cleaning is its use of minimum amount of water for the minimum duration to soften the soiling.

Chemical cleaning

There are numerous chemicals on the market containing varying formulations some are highly toxic. The effect on the masonry will depend essentially on the chemical similarity of the solvent and solute and on the duration of their contact but cleaning with chemicals is a highly skilled activity and as with all masonry cleaning should only be carried out by professionals.

Air and water aided abrasive cleaning – TORC/JOS Cleaning System

There are a number of air abrasive techniques currently available. These include a variety of machines, nozzles and abrasives from Vortech Vortex, Hodge Clemco, Neokleen, Liquabrade and JOS. This system is preferred by some conservation Architects and when used correctly by skilled operatives with the most appropriate medium it is highly successful.

Super-heated and steam cleaning systems – DOFF Cleaning System & ThermaTech

This hybrid of the pressure washer family produces excellent results on stone and brick masonry, using moderately high pressure water (upwards of 30bar) but at heated to a temperature of 150°C. The system can be used on concrete and stucco and is suited to the removal of flexible soiling such as organic deposits and traffic film. It can also be used to soften brittle carbon sulpha. The ThermaTech system combines continuous high temperature and pressure and lower water volume and delivered as a liquid spray at temperatures clost to 1550c referred to as “superheated water”. This system is designed specifically for site requirements and commercial use.

Traditional Stone Masonry

NJJ are proud to have some of the finest craftsman in the trade. We have an excellent selection of Banker Masons, Stone Cutters, Machinists, Draughtsmen, Setter Outs, Wallers and fixers.

NJJ, when required, are also able to design and produce Masonry in-house as well as produce the results onsite.

Committed to supporting this specialty trade and the future of stone masonry, NJJ are currently on the search for the next generation of Craftsman. If you think you have the right attitude and commitment, NJJ can offer an apprenticeship to learn this specialist craft. If you or someone you know may be interested in learning on the job and becoming a qualified and specialist in this amazing trade, please click here to find out more.

New build – Facades, Internals & Hard Landscaping

NJJ are able to provide a range of services and expertise associated with the specification, design and installation of new build masonry.

With extensive experience in working with stone on modern structures, both in repair of cladding and in the supply and fixing of stone in new building projects NJJ can also offer advice on material selection and design.

As well as natural Limestone and sandstone we also supply and fix marble and granite for internal and external use and in addition, where specified, reconstructed precast stone.


Our façade work includes:

  • Load bearing masonry – traditional walling using heritage masonry skills
  • Traditional handset external cladding – stone/faience cladding restrained back to the backing structure using stainless steel fixings, typically with closed mortar joints
  • Rainscreen cladding
  • Stone/faience/composite stone cladding with individually supported panels carried back to a substrate using a metal framing system, with open joints
  • Stone-faced pre-cast concrete cladding systems – natural stone attached to pre-cast concrete units supported on the building using load bearing brackets
  • Prefabricated panels – panelised walling systems with a range of external finishes including stone, terracotta and render
  • In addition we can provide backing structure solutions such as SFS, SIPS or greyback pre-cast behind our cladding if this adds value to our client’s procurement strategy


NJJ Group specialises in high quality finishes for interior applications in a range of commercial, residential, public, leisure and retail.

We advise on and supply luxury marbles, granites, hard limestones, slates, terrazzo, mosaics and stone composites.

Our scope is varied, but includes:

  • Wall cladding and linings, including lightweight composites
  • Flooring – traditionally laid or on high tech raised floor systems
  • Ceilings – intricate soffits or engineered suspended composite ceilings
  • Bathrooms and wet rooms
  • Swimming pools and spa complexes


NJJ offer complete landscaping solutions from drainage through to the installation of complex, bespoke natural stone element.

Our Landscaping services include:

  • High specification paving
  • Public spaces and squares
  • Architectural gardens
  • Grand forecourts
  • Detailed terraces
  • Elaborate planters and benches
  • Custom water features

Interior Fit out

NJJ Group are a dynamic and proactive company who offer a complete range of fit-out and refurbishment services.

Although NJJ specialise in stonework where preparation is key, a natural spinoff from this is our ability.

Our services include everything from office moves and changes to complete turnkey fit outs. We provide all specialist trades to cover any scope of works including –

  • Design packages
  • Decoration works
  • Ceilings
  • Partitions
  • Floor finishes
  • Joinery

We have also partnered with Mechanical, Electrical and IT specialist which enables us to deliver a complete package to suit any Client requirement.

The project delivery teams have extensive knowledge of all current Building Regulations and Construction and Design and Management Regulations(2015)

NJ Group are accredited with CHAS and associated with the Construction Skills Council.

War Memorial Restoration & Monumental Masonry

New Commissions

NJJ are very privileged to be able to offer War Memorials as part of our service. If you have a war story to tell and would like a beautiful piece of stone art to portray the tale, then we can help you put together the perfect War memorial.

Restoration and Cleaning

Weather, Moss or algae over the years can play havoc with the memorials that mean so much to us all. NJJ offer a very specialist service in the restoration and conservation of memorials with the love and care required, our specialist service includes:

  • Like-for-like repair
  • Structural repair/stabilisation
  • Lime mortar repairs
  • Reinstatement of lost elements that form an integral part of the design
  • Professional condition surveys and structural reports
  • DOFF (steam based) Stone Cleaning
  • Addition of names where they can be accommodated on the memorial

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